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Architecture in Rotterdam

Achitecture Institute Rotterdam

The Architecture Institute Rotterdam (AIR) organises many activities like landscape design and urban development in Rotterdam. AIR organises exhibitions, excursions, lectures, publications and public events on current urban issues. It is known since 1982 for its architecture events and active the whole year round.

Coolsingel 63, 3012 AB ROTTERDAM


The “kijk-Kubus” is an example of modern architecture. Built in 1984 by Piet Blom. A beautiful museum accommodation with a nice “Blaakse bos” feel en look. The interior gives you a good idea how it feels to live in a kubus accommodation. The fotopanels and screens gives you more information on the Blaakse bos.

Overblaak 70, 3011 MH ROTTERDAM

Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI)

The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) is not only a museum, but they also own one of the world’s largest architectural collections. They have their own library and study hall, a bookshop with an extensive selection of books about architecture and a cosy museum café. It is located on the Museumpark in Rotterdam in an impressive building designed by architect Jo Coenen. In the five exhibition rooms there are more than fifteen exhibitions, where the NAI gives the public an attractive introduction to contemporary and historical architecture. An audio tour makes the experience complete!

Museumpark 25, 3015 CB ROTTERDAM

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